ACH Positive Pay Paired with Check Positive Pay Helps Protect Your Business Account Against Unauthorized Entries


Good If You...

  • Want to Have Control of Transactions Received in Your Account
  • Need an Easy Way to Reduce the Potential for Fraudulent Activity
  • Desire an Online Reporting Tool that Allows Real-Time Decision Making Capabilities
  • Want to Reduce Potential Fraud Liability By More Quickly Detecting Fraudulent Checks
  • Need an Easy Way to Reconcile Presented Check Items
  • Desire a Superior Check Research Tool with Custom Reporting Options

ACH Positive Pay Services Features

  • Protect Your Business Account Against          Unathorized ACH transactions
  • You Determine Who Is Authorized to Debit Your Business Account
  • Receive Alerts for Unauthorized Entries
  • Review ACH Exception Entries via Online Banking or Mobile
  • Make a Decison to Pay or Return Unauthorized Entries Quick and Easy!

Check Positive Pay Features

  • Import Issued Checks and System Will Perform Comparison to Amount and Check Number
  • May Choose to Import No Items and Review Each Check Item Presented for Payment
  • Receive Alert Notifications of Unmatched Items (Exception Items)
  • Provide Default Decision for Items Not Reviewed by Processing Deadline
  • Review Exceptions via Online or Mobile Banking
  • Make Decision to Pay or Return Quick and Easy!
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