Celebrating 5 Years of Smart Women!

FirstCNB launched the Smart Women Program in 2018 with a goal of helping women to bridge the financial literacy gap!
The program is designed to empower women, through education, to feel confident making difficult financial decisions. Women of all demographics find it challenging and lack confidence when it comes to making financial decisions regarding life changing events caused by death, retirement, divorce and other uncontrollable circumstances.
Over the last five years, we have been able to speak to thousands of women (and some men) across the state of Tennessee and beyond with live and virtual events. 
Event topics have included information on credit scores, tackling financial conflicts, preventing financial fraud, first time homebuyers, understanding power of attorney & living will, protecting your assets, and more! 

Our hope is that these events and blogs have truly helped women to be more confident in their financial decisions.
We’re looking forward to the upcoming year of Smart Women events! Stay tuned to see where you can find an event near you!


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