First Citizens National Bank is proud to bring you Banzai, the financial literacy program used by millions of teachers and students around the country, to you and your home, for FREE. Experience real-world financial education in a fun, safe way.

How does Banzai work?

Banzai includes three interactive courses that provide real-life scenarios where users pay bills, balance a budget and more! Each course includes a pre-test and post-test to measure your knowledge.

What will I learn?

You will learn first-hand how to create a budget and manage income and expenses. The courses also introduce auto loans, bank statements, insurance, savings, and more!

Banzai Library

The Banzai Library includes resources and interactive calculators on the following topics: insurance, retirement, buying a house, taxes, life changes, borrowing and credit, smart living, starting a business and budgeting. Check out the Banzai Library now! (



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