Good If You...

  • Maintain at Least $7,500 in Your Account Balance
  • Want to Maximize Interest-Earnings Without Tying Up Your Funds in CDs or Other Long-Term Investments
  • Desire to Have Immediate Access to Your Funds via Check, Electronic Transfer, ATM Withdrawal, etc.2


  • $7,500 Minimum Balance to Open and Waive Monthly Service Charge1
  • $15 Monthly Service Charge
  • 6 Withdrawals or Transfers Per Month2
  • FREE Statement including Check Images
  • Tiered Interest Rates3
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1 $15 monthly service charge is waived with $7,500 minimum daily balance.

2 If you exceed six withdrawals or transfers, there will be a $5 service charge for each additional withdrawal or transfer paid. Examples of withdrawals or transfers would be writing a check, an in-person withdrawal, withdrawal or transfer authorized by telephone, Telephone Banking transfer, or an online banking transfer, preauthorized withdrawal or transfer to a third party. Regulatory rules limit the number of preauthorized transfers and preauthorized transfers to a third party to six per month. Exceeding this limitation could result in the reclassification of your account. You are permitted unlimited ATM withdrawals and transfers with your Debit Card. ATM transactions are excluded from the transaction limits mentioned above and are not subject to the service charges for exceeding those limits.

3 Earns interest on daily collected balances. Tier 1: Less than $7,500, Tier 2: $7,500-$24,999, Tier 3: $25,000 - $49,999, Tier 4: $50,000 - $99,999, Tier 5: $100,000 and above

**Important Bonus Disclosure - 300 FirstCNB Rewards Points: Depending on account type opened after a friend's referral, Annual Percentage Yield (APY) ranges from 0.05%-0.60% and minimum deposit ranges from $100-$7500. Bonus points (approx. value $30) awarded only to new customers without existing account and provided at account opening by certificate or email. Value may be reported as income to the IRS.